Spray Foam Insulation

Why Lapolla spray foam insulation?

The benefits of Lapolla spray foam insulation far outweigh those of more traditional insulting methods such as fibreglass and celotex and can save you up to 45% on your energy bills. Spray foam insulation creates a seamless airtight blanket within in your loft and/or walls which prevents conditioned air from escaping and also external air (draughts) from intruding within your property.

How will spray foam insulation upgrade your home?

An airtight home ultimately means a more energy efficient home, reducing heat loss and therefore your energy bills as well!  Currently the most modern, premium form of insulation on the UK market today; Lapolla spray foam insulation comes with a multitude of additional FREE benefits in addition to it's fantastic thermal capabilities

Savings start immediately after installation, significantly reducing your energy bills.

Increased indoor comfort as hot and cold spots will be eliminated, providing a most consistent temperature throughout your home.

It's soundproofing qualities will significantly reduce unwanted external noise.

Reclaim valuable your loft space for storage or habitable purposes, as spray foam insulation is applied to the underside of the roof.

Your indoor air quality will be improved as spray foam reduces infiltration of pollutants, allergens and other respiratory triggers.

Spray foam is a maintenance free insulation that lasts the lifetime of your properties structure!

It's airtight, solid structure deters unwanted pests and helps prevent nesting within your property.

Protected financial investment with a 25 year product warranty!

How is spray foam insulation applied?

Spray foam is one of the most efficient and modern insulation methods currently available within the UK and and is applied with minimal disruption and ease, saving you on time and labour costs!

In a non-vented loft, insulation is applied directly to the underside of the roof sheathing to insulate the entire loft from seasonal hot and cold. Spray foam is installed between the roof rafters, along soffit areas and directly to all exterior surfaces, for example gable walls and dormers.

Where necessary our team will carry out all remedial works prior to your install, such as felt repairs, removing any existing unwanted insulation and re lining your loft space ready for the new insulation.

The access and loft space will be fully sheeted prior to install protecting your belongings and home. Your foam will then be installed within less than half the speed of a more traditional insulating method!

Our swift application process requires minimal clean up and is completely maintenance free after install.

The insulation can be left exposed for storage purposes, or if you're choosing to covert your loft into a room in roof, this is easily boarded over.

Your upgraded loft space is also habitable or useable almost immediately after completion, with most installs finished in less than a days work - dependant on the size of property of course!

We're Trusted Installers!

We're proud to of been representing this premium brand of spray foam insulation for over 8 years, our experienced team are knowledgable in both open and closed cell foams covering all applications from roof, wall and cavity insulation.