Energy Saving Coatings

Exterior roof and wall coatings

We're trusted Properla UK installers and all of our coating systems can be either spray or brush applied. Not only are they energy saving, but they'll ensure your property is better protected from the best of the British weather whilst provided a fresh new exterior. Better yet, they're all Energy Trust Approved!

Properla Exterior Facade Coating

A lotus effect coating providing insulating mineral qualities by reducing water obsorbtion - available in a range of colours and suited to exterior building substances.

  • Super-hydrophobic and prevents frost damage.
  • Creates a highly breathable, self cleaning surface.
  • Excellent coverage on smooth and textures surfaces.
  • Prevents moss/algae growth salt efflorescence.
  • Available in a variety of matte finish colours.

Properla Masonry Creme

An invisible insulation barrier suitable for use on a range of substrates including brick, stone, concrete and sandstone.

  • Super hydrophobic, preventing frost damage.
  • Creates a highly breathable, self cleaning surface.
  • Discourages growth of moss, algae and lichens.
  • One-coat protection, preventing discolouration.
  • Penetrates up to 17mm of substrate to provide an invisible insulation barrier.
  • Helps prevent salt efflorescence and sulphate attack.
  • Dries clear so doesn’t alter appearance.

Water Repellent

Clear, super hydrophobic protection for building surfaces such as clay, concrete, slate, terracotta and is particularly absorbent roof tiles.

  • Developed using the very latest superior technology.
  • Super hydrophobic,┬ábreathable system.
  • One-coat clear protection.
  • Creates a self-cleaning surface.
  • Extends the life-span of all mineral building surfaces, including roof tiles.

Renotec Roof Coating

An affordable alternative to what's often a costly and wasteful decision to replace the entire roof.

By keeping the roof tiles dry, RENOTEC Roof Coating;

    • Extends the lifespan of the roof tiles.
    • Improves strength, by reducing weathering such as frost damage and salt efflorescence.
    • Obstructs the growth of unsightly moss, algae and lichens.
    • Revives tiered exterior.
    • Resists UV degradation.
    • Available in a range of colours.